Individual Relocation Consulting

ORI provides consulting services that enable individual candidates to evaluate the relocation proposal they received (or prepare themselves for such proposal) and manage their relocation process effectively and efficiently

יעוץ רילוקשיין אישי

Individual Relocation Consulting including:

  • Destination area cost of living survey
  • Comparative analysis of net income and free income during relocation compared to the current situation
  • Status and conditions of employment in Israel and in the destination country (Term, Notice, Benefits, Leaves, Insurances, Termination, Repatriation)
  • Aspects of immigration (visa type, working spouse, permanent residence)
  • Tax considerations in Israel and in the destination country
  • Aspects of Insurance: Medical Insurance continuation, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance and Pension Savings in Israel, Medical Insurance and Pension Savings in the destination country
  • Preparing the family for relocation
  • Departure from Israel – To Do List
  • Arriving at the destination area – To Do List
  • Kindergartens, schools and adult education in the destination area
  • Housing in the destination area
  • Cars and driving in the destination area
  • Banking services in the destination area

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